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Fashion Design

FBI believes that not only should you learn how to design a range, but you should also know how to produce it. All FBI Fashion Design Courses contain both Design and Production Modules.Illustrator and CAD programs are also part of our Certificate IV and Diploma Courses. 

Fashion Design Courses are available in a Statement of Attainment, Certificate IV or a Diploma level. Design Courses are set on a one day or two nights a week basis. The Certificate IV Course is completed within one year. The Diploma Course is completed within eighteen months. 

Design Kits are supplied for all FBI Fashion Design Courses.

2013 Parade and Graduation

Outlined below is an overview of the Fashion Design modules and the relevant competencies. 

Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology


Fashion Design Conduct and Ethics 

Students learn how to professionally conduct themselves in the Fashion Industry, the importance of design ethics and how to establish and maintain client relationships.

LMTFD4006B: Interact and network with fashion industry participants
LMTGN2001B: Follow defined OH&S policies and procedures

History of Fashion Design 
To be able to move into the future, it is essential to look at the past - where fashion has been. You will examine the history of Fashion time line, how and why it changed and how society, major events and popular culture influence fashion.
LMTFD4014B: Indentify influences on comtemporary fashion designs and construction techniques

Fashion Design Concepts

Learn the skills and technologies essential to successful Fashion Designing. You will explore different clothing styles, target markets and learn how to apply design features to create Fashion collections.
LMTFD4003B: Assist in preparation of preliminary design concepts

Fashion Design Illustration, Rendering and Trade Sketch

Communicating your ideas is essential in producing your garment designs. Learn to use a variety of drawing and painting mediums in fun and exciting ways to illustrate your designs. You’ll learn how to portray the feel, drape, fit of fabric and how to produce industry trade sketches for the production of clothing.
LMTCL2011B: Draw and interpret a basic sketch
LMTFD4012B: Develop product specifications for fashion design
LMTFD3004B: Draw a trade drawing for fashion design
LMTFD4020B: Use electronic fashion design tools

Textiles, Materials and Equipment 
Students learn about fabrics and fibers, where fabrics come from and how they are made, the latest developments in textile technology and where to source your materials.
LMTCL2003B: Identify fibres and fabrics
LMTCL3001B: Identify fabric performance and handling requirements
LMTFD5005B: Manipulate fabrics to create new finishes

Pattern Making and Cutting

Learn the fundamentals of Pattern Making. Take 2D design drawings and turn them into industry standard patterns. 
LMTCL2010B: Modify patterns to create basic styles
LMTFD4008B: Construct stock size block for garment to meet size and fit speculations
LMTCL3009B: Develop patterns from a block using basic patternmaking principles

Advanced Pattern Making 
Advance your Pattern Making skills further. Learn how to fit a 3D body and grade your patterns to different sizes.
LMTFD4010B: Create patterns to meet design specifications applying advanced patternmaking principles
LMTFD4015B: Create pattern from block to meet customer specifications
LMTFD4013B: Grade 2D patterns
LMTFD4021B: Drape fabrics to make patterns

Garment Construction and Assembly

Learn to construct complex fashion garments using industry know how.
LMTFD4011B: Cut fabrics for prototype designs
LMTFD4016B: Sew design prototypes


In Masterclass all of your design and production skills come together to form a range of merchandise. Students present that range to “buyers” at FBI Fashion College and then to the Industry at the End of Year Parade. FBI stages a gala event for Masterclass Students, a night of canapés, beverages and a professional runway show parading the Student's final collections. Past MC’s of this event have included Madison Editor, Paula Joye, Stylist/Designer, Kym Ellery and Designer, Alex Perry. This is an important Module for those wanting to create their own label.
MSAENV272B: Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
LMTFD2005B: Identify design process for fashion designs
LMTFD4001B: Apply design studio process
LMTFD4004B: Calculate cost estimates for fashion products
LMTFD4018B: Use and apply sizing systems appropriate for fashion design

Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology

Certificate IV subjects - PLUS

Advanced Fashion Illustration & Trade Sketch
Advance your professional illustration techniques, focusing on silhouettes, fit and drape. Broaden your skills in detailing when creating trade sketches and fashion drawings in CAD programs, combining both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
LMTFD5011BProduce fashion illustrations
LMTFD5007B: Analyse influences on contemporary fashion illustrations

Advanced Pattern Making 2
Analyse and identify various draping techniques through manipulation, molding and shaping to create complex patterns for specific designs. Grade advanced pattern blocks while maintaining the shape, fit and balance of the garment.
LMTFD5015B: Develop patterns for complex fashion garments
LMTFD5014B: Construct complex blocks for fashion garments
LMTFD5016B: Grade shaped patterns

Advanced Garment Construction
Master the skills of bias cutting and intricate garment construction of lingerie, swimwear and corsetry gowns.
LMTFD5018B: Determine and specify advanced construction processes

Create the perfect fit, shape and alter garments to specific sizes and contours. Modify existing garments to individual needs or change the order of construction to create a different look.
LMTFD5019B: Analyse individual fit and make pattern alterations

Engage in the process of wholesaling, to learn how to sell, margin and market your product to potential buyers.

How To Set Up Your Own Fashion Business
Discover the demands of starting your own Fashion Business as a Designer. Gain knowledge of how to operate, merchandise and sell your label within your own fashion store.
LMTFD5009B: Cost design production
LMTGN5001B: Participate in production planning processes

Advanced Masterclass
Compliment your Masterclass Collection with an added range of your own merchandise. Students are to present their range to FBI and Industry Consultants, with a small business proposal. This will include designing, constructing and marketing your Fashion Label and Business.
LMTFD5010B: Develop and present design concepts with specific guidelines